Meet the NewLanders

The NewLanders have researched and rediscovered songs that capture the American experience.

By interweaving traditional instruments, including the Appalachian lap dulcimer, fiddle, and mandolin, with richly layered harmonies and electric guitar and bass, the NewLanders have created a contemporary sound, while honoring and preserving the inspiring stories of the past.

A NewLanders' performance includes engaging narrations and real-life accounts from the mills, mines, rivers, and fields of their home region, western Pennsylvania, as well as haunting songs and poignant stories that celebrate the enduring spirit that built our nation.

"Industrial history has a sound & this sound has a name, it's called the NewLanders" - Dr. Thomas Schleper, Rhineland Industrial Museum, Oberhausen Germany
"Your songs, just like David McCullough's message, provide powerful images of our nation's heritage and raise the spirit of Pennsylvania's rich past." Mr. John M. Perzel, The Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (on the NewLanders performance, in the house chamber 11/8/2004, prior to lecture by historian David McCullough)

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